Summer Special Radio season launched

MLP is excited to report, that we have just launched the first in a series of Summer radio shows, scheduled to air throughout July and August and you can listen to it here (see below). In partnership with our friends at World Rado Paris, MLP is sharing hot tips of what to do and where to go in Paris with the family during the Summer and it is specially designed, for the expat community.

There is no question that Paris is pretty spectacular in the Summer. Aside from basking in the sunshine and admiring the glorious setting, the city is alive with cultural events, open air pools and cinemas, al fresco dining, pop-up terraces and so much more.

You can tune in to hear our shows to keep up to date with what’s happening.

MLP recorded the first show broadly detailing the Summer vibe ahead and incorporating fabulous suggestions from expat mums, who know and live in this city. The MLP team Claudette Parry Laws, Linda Mak, Jennifer Hamerman and Sarah Jennings met for a fun session full of laughter and great ideas.

It is our first effort and we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

At the time we recorded the show, it had not been confirmed that the sand for the Paris Plage was definitely not going to appear this year – so forgive our 2-minute whimsical chat about the beach in Gay Paree. Other than that we think you’ll love it.

Here is the show for you to enjoy and we’ll let you know when the next instalments are available for you to listen to. Tell us what you think in the comments…it’s a work in progress!

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