MLP on Snow Patrol

Real snow in Paris is rare. Some years we are treated to a delicate little dusting but it very rarely sticks or really turns everything white. Well, 2018 was our lucky year! There had been some snow on Tuesday but Wednesday was a treat to wake up to. Park benches were the best measure as you could really see the thickness of the snow.

All over Paris, people were posting photos of the views from their windows, with cars and tree branches laden with snow. In the city centre, it feels and looks magical. But we are also sparing a thought for those in the suburbs and beyond, where the snow is much deeper and causing all sorts of trouble.

Snow covered cars and the Eiffel Tower (Photo: Jennifer Hamerman)

Winter Wonderland

Paris is always beautiful and you can find charm everywhere in this city. But add in a carpet of white stuff and it truly becomes impossibly pretty.

Even an old bike looks good in the Paris snow (Photo: Jennifer Hamerman)

The bare February trees along the avenues suddenly look like they belong on a Christmas card. An old bicycle propped on the railings by the metro entrance is transformed to look like it is part of a magazine photo shoot. Even the many construction sites and road repairs look good sous la neige!

Excellent timing Mother Nature!

In France (give or take a few changes) children in France get at least part of Wednesday off school.

Only in Paris… a snowman at Bo Zinc Cafe (Photo: Jennifer Hamerman)

So when does nature decide to send a blanket of snow? Why on a Wednesday of course! Kids all over the city made the most of it.

Dare we say it… a slightly cheerier city?

The Paris Statue of Liberty looking a bit chilly (Photo: Jennifer Hamerman)

Yes, this city is almost cheerful sous la neige! It’s really hard not to smile when it feel like a bit of magic has arrived. But we are fully expecting a return to normal service (reduced smiles!) when the snow turns to slush.

Parks and Gardens covered in white

The boat was still running to the Chalet des Iles restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne! (Photo: Jennifer Hamerman)

The elegance and beauty of the Paris parks and gardens are always admired.  But we had to stop and stare to see the transformation on Wednesday morning.  The most mesmerising was the Bois de Boulogne where a few hardy joggers, walkers and dogs had left their footprints but otherwise, it was as though the Alps had arrived in Paris.  The woodlands were white over and the lake semi-frozen.  It felt far too fresh and clean for the edge of Paris.  And whatever they say about transport mayhem this morning, we can confirm that the little boat to the Chalet des Iles restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne is definitely running!

It’s not all fun and games

For those of us living centrally and lucky enough to walk to school and work, it’s hard not to get caught up in the charm and excitement of it all. But those living outside the city who need to commute have faced a nightmare of cancelled trains and buses and impossible road conditions. Traffic jams were made worse by the absence of snow ploughs or even salt in some cases. This is not a region that regularly gets serious snow, so we are just not equipped. Tuesday night, as the snow fell, kids in the suburbs were stuck on school buses that couldn’t move. So beyond the picture postcard city centre, the snow is a bit less endearing.

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