Viewed Nude in Paris

On Sunday evening, while the temperatures hovered around zero degrees, a bunch of Parisians were battling the chilly winds, en route to the theatre.

Their warm clothes, that had been keeping the cold air at bay, were soon to be folded neatly into their bags, pants included! Out would come a small towel upon which their naked rumps would sit (“hygiene reasons of course”) for the duration of the play, that was about to start.


The show, at the Palais des Glaces, was a one night only showing of “Nu et Approuvé,” or “Naked and Approved,” and it provocatively insisted that the entire audience, as well as actors, be stark naked throughout the performance.

Our first question when we heard about this was, why on earth didn’t we know about this?! It’s unlikely that MLP would have gone, in all honesty, but we would have loved to have interviewed a few of the attendees and get an exposé/inside scoop!

We always tend to hear stories like this about Paris. Many of the natives here seem to put themselves out there (the majority behind closed doors we suspect), and take the term “avant-garde” to a whole new level! And this is a perfect example. Is it a French thing perhaps? There are 2.6 million people in the country who are registered as naturists! That’s equivalent to the entire population of Jamaica, just to give a little context.

The storyline centered on two siblings, who go to their parents’ beach house only to discover that nobody in the neighbourhood is wearing any clothes.

Our sources tell us that those that braved the freezing temperatures enjoyed the experience. In fact, the head of the Paris Naturist Group said “There is no better way of laughing than laughing in the nude… we need to break the social codes to be ourselves in a place like this and have a good time”

Nude theatre-going! Who would have thought it!

Sadly, the recently opened nude restaurant in Paris is set to close due to financial issues, they could “barely” stay afloat, but who knows what will pop up next!

However, If you were there that cold Sunday night, MLP is imploring you to get in touch! We would love to hear about the whole experience and live through you momentarily!

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