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This blogsite is a commitment to all the families living in Paris and abroad who want to get the best out of this city.

When you have a family to look after, you have very little time! So when you get the chance to enjoy a city like Paris with or without your brood, you don’t want to waste a moment  you just wanna have fun!

The aim to help you and the little ones in your life get the most fun out of your stay in Paris with MLPs guidance.

The information that appears includes everything across the cultural spectrum that we think you might enjoy; and much has been suggested or recommended by other families.

As well as considering the children, we also consider YOU! Yes YOU before you had the responsibility of children and the YOU that wants to go out and have fun with friends and loved ones. So we also suggest ideas for YOU, YOU and your partner and  friends so you can unleash the child within and get some well deserved down time.

We will search and uncover, the most enjoyable places and spaces, to help ensure you have a good time here. Plus we will throw in lots of other fun content too. Many expat mums living in Paris share their favourites haunts here and we would love you to keep us up to date with any ideas that you have, by emailing us on our contact or

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