Okay, well not quite in Paris but about 55 minutes outside the city !

Move over Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – Trout Fishing just outside Paris is where it’s at!

Last weekend, we took the children to this wonderful place we heard about in a countryside village called Villette. It was really easy to find and a wonderful experience for all four of us. The children were beside themselves with excitement, at the prospect of actually fishing on the banks of a river and they could not wait to go.

MLP was looking forward to it but filled with some trepidation regarding this expedition. Being very much a city mama, the idea of Wellington boots, a flat cap and fishing rod was, lets just say, not filling me with enthusiasm. But, the boys (including husband) were super excited, so a positive attitude was adopted and we were on our way, in the car smiles aplenty :).

Once we arrived, we parked up and headed to the shop, which was clearly sign-posted for information. The children were given a fishing rod each, some bread as bait and a bucket for their ‘catch’. We were instructed to go to the small enclosures of water where we had the option of fishing for big or small fish, only trout but that was good enough for us. We were told that once we had caught our fish they would weigh it, price it, prepare it and give it to us to take home!

It was so easy! There was no cost for actually fishing, just the purchase of the fish we caught!

The boys did a fabulous job! They caught FIVE, yes five fish! At one point one of the boys decided to put one back, bless him, concluding that it would better for the fish to be back in its natural environment.

Here are some of the pics of the family fishing near Paris. You’ll find more details and some extra information at the bottom of the post.

Pisciculture de Villette can be found at Rue de Rosay, 78930 Villette. Tel 01 34 76 30 04

Hope you decide to go! It really is a great day out and the surroundings are beautiful. The fish cost us just €13! We were back home by 5pm! Oh and FYI, there isn’t really anywhere to eat in the vicinity so take a packed lunch with you. Although, they do sell some lovely smoked fish there if you fancy doing a little food shopping.

Have a great time. It’s great to have these options for fun with kids so near to Paris. If you like this post please take a moment to comment, it’s great for us to know what you think! Please like our Mama Loves Paris Facebook page too – it would mean a lot!

Oh! Quick apology to subscribers who may have received a random New Years Eve post from last year. Computer glitch! Won’t happen again!

Love MLP