There are 11 Public Holidays that effect Paris!

Where a public holiday falls over a weekend, by local agreement employees may be given an extra day paid holiday in lieu, but this is not obligatory. Only May Day is classed as a statutory (paid) public holiday in France. Also fyi, when a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday many people make a ‘bridge’ holiday (faire le pont), creating a long weekend.

Here are all the important dates to remember for 2019.


Tuesday, Jan 1 – New Year’s Day

Monday, April – 22 Easter Monday

Wednesday, May 1 – Labor Day / May Day

Wednesday, May 8 – WWII Victory Day

Thursday, May 30 – Ascension Day

Monday, June 10 – Whit Monday 

Sunday, May 26 – Mother’s Day Observance

Sunday, Jun 16 –  Father’s Day Observance

Sunday, Jul 14 – Bastille Day

Thursday, Aug 15  – Assumption of Mary

Friday, Nov 1 – All Saints’ Day

Monday, Nov 11 – Armistice Day

Wednesday, Dec 25 –  Christmas Day

There you have it Mama’s. Make sure you stick all these dates in the diary to prepare for the these bank holidays in France!

Love MLP