The River Seine is appealing, as a place to stroll and take in the beautiful views of Paris. The bridges, the architecture of the beautiful buildings that line the waterfront, the stalls selling art, the boats. There is no doubt that when you are here, in this space, you are soaking up the heart of Paris and  when the weather is blessing us with sunshine and blue skies the ambience is even more breathtaking. C’est Paris.

We took a wander to BergeStreet over the weekend, offspring in tow and they had such a wonderful time. Scootering along the wharf, playing games, indulging in the many creative spaces designed for kids and adults alike. You’ll find it by the stretch of water from St Germain heading towards Musee D’Orsay.  You can’t miss it!

When you get there, check out the play area which includes a mini children’s playground, a drawing wall, a world map to explore, swing ball, hop scotch and so much more. There are boats docked, with restaurants aboard, bridges offering great views and spaces designed for you to chill and relax.

Put this place in the diary, as a fun morning or afternoon with the family. Take a picnic or eat in the many restaurants nearby. The children will be on school break soon. This is a perfect place to go.

Worth the jaunt on a beautiful day. For their website click here.

Our pictures should give you a feel for it. Enjoy MLP x