We just love strolling through the streets of Paris and discovering new places and spaces.


Last week we got lucky. We stumbled across a vegetarian/vegan super bio food house in the Marais.


Hidden on a cobbled street, flanked by cool little bars and coffee shops sat PINSON. We almost walked past it but the cute little shop front, the huge BIO sign scrawled in pen on the window, and the handsome clientele caught our attention!

On entering, the staff were quick to greet and seat. They padded around in a comfortable, easy, relaxed and laid-back way, suiting the decor and adding to the chilled out vibe.


The menu included salads, soups, raw vegetables, juices and more of the same. Dripping in health, this place had detox central written all over it.. Post hangover, post excess indulgence head to Pinson, or if you’re body conscious or food conscious then, this place is for you.

It’s a great space to just hang-out by the bar and sup jus de (juice of) carrot and ginger; or meet friends for coffee or lunch.

Just to let you know Pinson is french for Chuffinch, a type of bird which is why the toilets house these cute little birdhouses. Might have to tweet about it! LOL! :D.

We’ll be going back. C’est très cool.


Pinson, 6 Rue du Forez, 75003 Paris.