A Summers day in Paris with children

An MLP mini expedition with the twins and husband in Paris. It’s amazing what you discover when you take a stroll around the city. This is what we stumbled upon last Summer – expect more of the same this year with the exception of the Paris Plage which will have no sand this year….Boo!

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We had a clear idea of what we wanted to do – essentially entertain the kids and go and see the much talked about beaches in the city. We also kinda knew what part of town we wanted to visit. In the mood to spend time in North East Paris, we decided to head to the beach located at Bassin de Villette. Our starting point was Parc Villette which is about a twenty-minute walk from our ultimate destination. It was the most beautiful and fun day during which we discovered a lot. MLP recorded it here in pictures.

Paris with Children

Gorgeous little garden bar and resto we saw on arrival. La Petit Halle.

Paris with Children

The friendly staff served delicious juices

Paris with children

The food was so good.

If it wasn’t for the number of wasps in the vicinity we would have stayed and chilled out longer! However in an attempt to leave the swarm behind us, we strolled further into the Parc, passing the phenomenal gated childrens’ play area – split for kids of all ages – on the way

Paris with children

A snap of the fun kids playground

As we continued it was like entering a fairground. Electronic swings and a carousel, as well as mini fake jockey rides for kids, caught our attention but no ride looked more appealing than the much talked about Dragon Slide, which stood out like a modern pseudo-dinosaur on the other side of the canal. The kids could not wait.

Paris with Children

Children loved the experience

Paris with children

Even the walk to the summit was designed with fun in mind.

After spending an hour watching them enjoying the slide – we considered hiring a little speed boat…

Paris with children

This looks like so much fun.

…but they were fully booked! So we took a stroll along the river then stumbled across…

Petit Velib! This is the genius service provided over the summer that lets you rent bikes at a super low cost for your kids!

Paris with children

Kids bikes for hire

MLP’s 7-year-old twins – up to this point – were not part of the bike riding brigade! But this could be their moment. €6 for three hours with bike and helmet thrown in? Perfect.

Paris with Children

Paris with children

It was a proud moment watching them learn and conquer this milestone; and it was wonderful that Paris has such a fab service, that enables kids to just hire, learn and experience! The kids loved it.

We took the bike in the direction of the beach and made our way along Canal de L’Ourcq passing some fantastic fun water activities put on for the kids!

“Mum, this is the best day EVER”




Paris with Children

Canal de L’Ourcq

We even saw zip lining!

Paris with children

Paris with children

The Paris Beach

It was such a wonderful day and MLP hopes that by sharing it, you may go and explore this part of town for yourself if you haven’t already. You will love the architectural backdrop of this space too – it is a very cool district.

Start your journey at the Parc Villette and take it from there.

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine of Paris over the summer people.

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