By Nicky Dye – Guest Writer Mama, from England, living in Paris.
We happened upon this amazing, enticing patisserie called Le Merveilleux in the Sorbonne area recently and simply had to go in to sample their mouthwatering delights.
However, they are famous for their amazing meringue creations which come in 6 delicious flavours:  Le Merveilleux (The Marvellous), L’incroyable (The Unbelievable), L’impensable (The Unthinkable), L’Excentrique (The Eccentric), Le Magnifique (The Magnificent) and Le Sans-Culotte (The Commando).   Which one are you?

Les Merveilleux  also serves up delicious brioche in 5 yummy flavours – natural, raisin, sugar, chocolate et sugar/raisin.
This patisserie  has a  sophisticated yet accessible style and super friendly staff. Personally,  I just loved the  huge, beautiful chandeliers on display  – so French, so chic!
Nearby, Le Merveilleux in rue Monge (5e), is  a fantastic cheese shop, great sushi and  a fabulous Roman Amptitheatre, called “Les Arenes de Lutece”, tucked away at 49 rue Monge.  Kids can kick a ball about in the sandy ring and there is free wifi too.  The amphitheatre was rediscovered by Haussmann in 1869; it is thought that it could seat up to 17,000 spectators and was the stage for both theatre and gladiatorial combat.  Metro Place Monge/ Cardinal Lemoine. I recommend it as a great place to enjoy those marvellous meringues!
The website of Aux Merveilleux de Fred talks about its history and its collection so check it
They are located in 5 arrondissements.
2 rue Monge (5e), 94 rue Saint Dominique (7e), 7 rue de Tocqueville (17e), 129 bis rue Saint Charles (15e), 29 rue de l/Annonciation (16e). You’ll find them in London too.
Prices vary between 13,60 for 4 persons to 27,20 for 8 persons.
Thank you Nicky for sharing this great find with us.
Love MLP x