If you are a feeling a bit flush (money spare!) and fancy exploring a luxurious eaterie, then maybe you should check out Bon!


Recently redesigned by Philippe Starck, Bon, located in the 16th district is popping style at every given opportunity. Elegant curtains frame the large arch shape windows at the entrance. Throne like white chairs, in pairs with a table just for two, reminiscent of the medieval age, line the wall of the long hall way. Opposite, you will find a bar flanked by a small, more relaxed dinning room, designed to give you that home from home feeling.

DSC02019 DSC02007

But it doesn’t just stop there! Head down the slim corridor and a light room with laid-back seating and pillars made out of books catches your eye. You push the door….. the smoke fumes hit. Yep, it s an uber cool smoking room that makes you wish you were a smoker just momentarily. Wading further in , you rush up a flight of stairs and the main and slightly disappointing dining hall appears. Light, coming in from the glass panels, lingers on the restaurants style obsession, chandeliers swing from the ceiling. a library set back from the main room creates an alternative vibe.


The idea of designing many different types of spaces, gives diners the option of slotting into the area that suits their occasion best, and this is definitely a great idea! A boudoir, A library, A wine room etc. But, the  question is, is it style over substance?


Well the food is described as ‘World Cuisine’ with an Asian twist and it looks good but just tastes ok. The opulent setting raises expectations but we were underwhelmed in the palate dept!


We went there and enjoyed the decor – especially the lights. Our most memorable?  The Gun lamps! Lamps designed with a rifle at the heart, bulb and lampshade on top (see pic). Having never seen anything quite like this before they kinda stuck in our mind!

We recommend you go and see Bon for yourself. Friends of ours have gone there and loved it. MLP had mixed feelings about the food but got inspired by some of the design.

If you go, please tell us what you think by commenting.

And thank you to super mama Rebecca Stevens from New Zealand (she lives here too, and she loved it!) for this recommendation.

Le Bon Weekend! Click here for more information.

25 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris