Le Terrain d’Aventure, Les Halles – No Parents Allowed!

There is no question that the French often do things a little differently and at times doing things their way can feel a little bit uncomfortable!

We found ourselves grappling with this cultural difference at a super cool playground called Le Terrain d’Aventure at Les Halles

Why? Because every afternoon children aged 7-12 can play happily with the modern apparatus on offer BUT parents are not allowed in .

Coming from the UK! This was pretty much a new concept for us so we were reticent, but our twin boys had other ideas.

The playground is staffed by five ‘animateurs’, who are responsible for looking out for the children, playing with them and keeping them safe. Animateurs is a word the French use to describe people who are trained to work in the local community as informal educators.

Children are let into the play space on the hour and are allowed to stay for 60 minutes under their supervision! They are then released back into the arms of waiting parents. Being slightly over protective we hovered by the fence watching our offspring (who had persuaded us to ‘chill-out’)  having a great time!

Alongside the swings, climbing frames, caves and bridges built with a futuristic design there is also a mini area for more freestyle play! Plus a toilet! So they were catered for.

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Spotting a shoelace undone that could have led to potentially disastrous consequences we hollered for the supervisors who came running to the aid of our boys. We were impressed.

The playground is situated right next to a more standard – parents allowed- play area which looked a little uninspiring compared to this new creation. However, if you have children of different ages it could be a blessing.

The contemporary playground is part of the new build project that has been in progress for quite some time. Les Halle’s is in the middle of a major overhaul and another playground for under 7’s is also in progress!

The stunning backdrop of the church is flanked by man-made grass, benches and monuments – designed to be the new chill out area in the district which has a plethora of cafés, bars and shops nearby.

In the mornings, parents can accompany the children but after 2pm if you are in dire need for a little down time then taking this leap of faith may be an option.

One mother we spoke to from Romania had left her 8-year-old daughter there for an hour to do some shopping. She was nervous too but her extremely confident ‘mini me’ had a ball!

She told us, before striding off with her mum – “It’s super fun, really big and geometric, so kids will have a great time!

Our boys loved it and under our watchful gaze it was great seeing them have so much fun!

A small part of us felt quite embarrassed over worrying so much! We opened our mind to the French way and it was ok! First time we have experienced anything like this but it was cool. Next time we might have the confidence to go for a coffee – but knowing us we’ll probably have to wait to the boys are 12!

Go and see for yourselves and let us know what YOU think. It is open throughout the summer.

Head to Les Halles metro. You can’t miss it! And its FREE!!! 

Have fun over the summer

Love MLP x