Have you heard of Le Dîner en Blanc?

It’s a secret picnic that has taken place in Paris every year for the last 25 years! Well, we say picnic, but it’s more like an al fresco dinner party and everyone has to wear WHITE!

This, however is no ordinary dinner party! The date and the venue is reserved only for those in the know! The only clue that we have, is that it takes place some-time in June!

The people that organise Le Dîner en Blanc are completely audacious. When they originally launched this bold idea, they had the French authorities up in arms because each event was held in the most unbelievable space without permission.


Just like a ‘flashmob’ but described as a ‘smart mob’ because it goes on for hours – Le Dîner en Blanc  just appears in spaces like, the grounds at Versailles or the front of the Louvre or even at The Eiffel Tower!!

Last year, apparently 11,000 people arrived fully clad in white threads, clutching picnic-tables, white table-cloths, three courses of cuisine, wine glasses, candelabras and more.

Attendance is by invite only! You have to know somebody who is a member. Once you are on the guest list and the event is finally scheduled, a text message or a tweet will be sent to you a few days before the dinner, with all the necessary secret details.

The dinner has been going for so many years now, it has become a key unknown date in the Parisian calendar! The authorities kinda know about it and the public & media absolutely love it. So much so that Le Dîner en Blanc  has gone global. New York, Haiti, Singapore, Montreal, Johannesburg are just a few cities and countries that have adopted the concept.

We do not know when Le Dîner en Blanc is taking place in Paris but if you see people on mass wearing white this month, be assured it is not an apparition!!

Nope, it will definitely indicate that a not so secret, secret dinner is taking place somewhere very obvious!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Love MLP x