The Pompidou Centre

A cultural space for the whole family

The Big Picture

It took 6 years to build,  it’s named after a French President and it’s one of the worlds most iconic buildings. The George Pompidou Centre, created in 1971 by British and Italian architects is located in the 4th district of Paris adjacent to the Marais and opened its doors in 1977. Just north of the River Seine, it’s positioned in the heart of the city providing easy access to a bustling commercial haunt including the new Les Halles shopping centre. Notre Dame is a stroll away, as is the Sainte Chapelle stained glass church, Palais de Justice, Shakespeare & Company and more. If you are looking for things to do with the kids in Paris, this is a great option!

What you need to know

Affectionately know as The Pompi, this cultural hub is packed with creativity and inspiration as you would expect. In addition to the four exhibition galleries, there is another gallery in the basement alongside a cinema. A very upmarket and fashionable rooftop restaurant, can be found at the top of the building and a café on the ground floor. The Galerie des Enfants on floor one, as its name suggests, is designed for kids. Changing almost every other month to reveal new installations designed to challenge young minds.

Take a stroll around the Pompidou with MLP by watching this video, to get a feel for the place or to take you back there!

Some of the best modern art shows can be found at the Pompidou and they try to make it easy for you to bring the children along to enjoy it. Under 18’s do not have to pay and chairs on wheels are provided for kids who get too tired, so they can be pushed around the museum – a genius ideas!

If you need to lose a few hours in Paris with the children and have a need to indulge in the arts,  then take a trip to the Pompidou.

For those interested in workshops (known as ateliers) for your children, there are a few on offer plus some great family creative sessions – you just have to check the Pompidou Centre website.

Use the machines dispersed around the ground floor to buy your tickets by the way, saving you the hassle of queuing. There is also a cloakroom if you are weighed down with coats and bags.

What MLP thinks


The building alone is so striking, it has just got to be seen! Going up on that external escalator and absorbing the panoramic view of Paris, really is a sight to behold, it is stunning! We have always had a wonderful time, literally lazing at the Pompi. There are so many places to chill out and relax with no pressure to see an exposition at all! Often we wander into the shop which has a great selection of books and start thumbing through a few to pass the hours.

The children love the Galeries des Enfants though, it is so much fun and always manned by a team of child-friendly animateurs (youth-workers). We love the fact that kids can go there for free. It is an awesome experience and a treat. There is always something going on there that just inspires plus the district it sits in is very cool – what’s not to love?

Love MLP

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Centre George Pompidou – Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Hours: Open from 10am until 11pm every day except Tuesday. Free the first Sunday of every month.