Eiffel Tower Latest News

After celebrating her 130th birthday this weekend, there is growing doubt as to whether the Iron Lady will be able to sustain another year. Reports have surfaced that the foundations of the iconic monument have been gradually crumbling under the weight of the structure.

Sources have revealed that in private meetings at the Mayor’s office, architects have explained to Hidalgo, that the Eiffel Tower is more than slightly bending and although this has happened before due to heavy winds, the shifting ground could lead to trouble for the most visited site in the city.

Speculation over the fate of the Eiffel Tower has been swirling for months but the City of Paris, as well as the Government, have been working hard at keeping the potential scandal under wraps.

The main concern appears to be the potential danger the sinking tower could have on the general public. Apparently, civil servants have huddled with crisis management executives, who have been lamenting over the possible fallout on social media. One suggesting that the hashtag #IfellatEiffel would start trending if they didn’t find a quick solution, with either the closure or removal of the Eiffel Tower.

After studying drawings detailing the propensity of the Eiffel Tower to topple over time, Anne Hidalgo was struck by the direction of the bend, reportedly telling colleagues that she was “happy that the Eiffel Tower was at least leaning to the left!” She walked back the statement shortly after her executive secretary Thesis Drôle, threatened to resign.

Despite the scandalous implications of the impending crisis engulfing the office, they were remaining tight-lipped. Although, Mama Loves Paris was able to extract one telling quote detailed below.




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