The Dormouse in the Teapot

A Parisian Hot Spot

Le Loir dans la Théière means the dormouse in the teapot but it’s not just for mad-hatters, it’s for everyone.

Taking the offspring on a walk up to the Marais on a Sunday morning is a promenade we have always enjoyed.

Rarely just carefree wanderers, we knew exactly where we were heading and the knowledge of our impending destination helped maintain a spring in our step and a big smile on all our faces.

Crossing bridges and meandering through various cobbled streets, we held our breath slightly as we got closer to our intended destination. Pourquoi? Because we didn’t know whether the queue for one of Paris’ most beloved places would be long or short! It would depend, of course on ones timing!

Synchronise your watches just right and you could be first in the door,and there would be no need, to look longingly through the steamy windows at the packed tables and the warm hands cupping freshly made coffee. That is of course if your place in the queue gives you that view.

You see the Marais, which is in the 3rd district of Paris, is reknowned for its extensive Jewish community;and given that their Sabbath is on a Saturday, Sunday presents an opportunity for this hot bed of shops, restos and bars to be open for business with the guarantee of plenty of eager customers. Plus, this area is  much loved by Parisians, partly because it is deemed one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Paris but also due to the fact that brunchs in this part often have become a staple part of Sunday life for the local Marais dweller. It’s just what one does!

Even as a queuing voyeur, its always lovely to see the satisfied faces of kids stuffing their mouths with le petite dejeuner moderne and salivate over those gorgeous homemade cakes, flauntingly spread on a funky piece of cool décor within Le Loir dans la Théière’s interior.


The queue was indeed long, on our arrival but we waited with all the other fans of Le Loir dans la Théière because we knew it would be worth it.

Both charming and cool, the appeal of this French cantine lies in a mixture of things. Its heart-warming menu with new plates du la jour appearing daily, and absolutely scrummy breakfasts that make our family leap out of bed on a Sunday are a couple of reasons BUT there is more.


It has this thrown together style that just works and we love the style choices. The walls have posters and pictures collected over years that remind us of our old student days, vintage mirrors are penned with food notes and the sofa’s, are just perfect for the morning after the night before. The staff are, super nice and well versed in le langue de les enfants (the language of children) and the setting is comfortably intimate.

We can totally see why it’s a favourite amongst the French, the lemon meringue is probably top of the list! This is a great place to go for breakfast in the Marais. Don’t miss it and if you can’t find it..just look for the place with the long queue!

meringue crop

Le Loir dans la Théière at 3 rue des Roisers, 10h-7h30 lun-ven; 9h-7h30 sam et dim

Bon Appétite MLP x

And merci to gorgeous Mama, Julie Cohen for this great recommendation.