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Stunning venue and great for families.


The Artistic Hub of the North

What’s the 411 on the 104

One venue in Paris that you have to know about if you don’t already, is the 104, otherwise known as Le Centquatre.

Unless you know the 104 is there, it would not be a place that you would easily discover. Partly because its location lies deep in the creases of Northern Paris. This particular part of town isn’t frequented by tourists, instead, you’ll find every day natives going about their daily business in this area, nestled at the border of town with no gold gilt bridges in sight! 

Set in the 19th district of Paris, surrounded by shabby buildings and streets, the 104 stands inconspicuously (despite its size and beauty) on a residential stretch. Unassuming from street level, its facade is the gateway to an enormous, modern and diverse creative space with a restaurant, café and mobile pizza van included.

It brings the arts to the North within its expansive space, offering services beyond what one would expect.

It is designed with love and curated with care.

Don’t be surprised when you enter and see teams of creative people across many genres, practising their various skills, be it jugglers, dancers and acrobats, while members of the general public seated in colourful charming  deck chairs look on in wonderment! No shockers to be had either, when you see a crew of fitness fanatics of all ages parading in synchronised unison, on the raised level in the heart of the place from Grandmas to teens – they’re all here!

The 104 is a cultural hub, providing a space for artists to practice and showcase their work. It’s a venue for concerts, art installations and events and make the perfect spot for people to explore, discover, participate and relax. It’s unusual and intriguing and definitely worth investigating.

The outside space is made use of with a popular and totally rad, Pizza Van! But also lends itself to tonnes of creative opportunities. The installations are often extended en plein air!  On one visit by MLP, there was a cinema out there and it was packed with people!

Around the perimeter and along the interior of the building small commercial spaces selling various creative, artistic and intellectual goodies from books to bags can be found; and two café restos, one with a with a terrace, offering alternative eating options.

The thing is, that’s not all! The venue is totally geared up for families!

Workshops for babies and kids are part of the annual programme at the Maison des Petits. There are also Mama and baby group sessions providing an opportunity for mums to meet and get support and advice. It actively invites and engages with families and is totally open to little people running through the venue and enjoying the space.

And, on top of all of this, you’ll get to see some wonderful contemporary art exhibitions and theatre productions as well as concerts here. So you should keep an eye out for what fabulous talent is going to grace its stage whenever you get the chance!

Hopefully the pictures give you an insight into what you can expect.

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A Few Facts

The 104 used to be the premises of a giant funeral service. For 120 years, it housed the city undertakers of Paris who organised 150 funeral processions a day

The building extends to over 15,000 meters and up to 37,000 if you include all the floors.

The 104  can hold up to 5,000 people at any one time

It has 200 artisans in residence

The cost of running it is €12 million per year.

Le Centquatre is a public cultural centre and was opened in 2008

Metro line 7 Riquet
Bus 54 or 60  to Crimée, Curial
Rer ) Picto Tram 3b Rosa Parks

Closed on Mondays. Open from midday to 7pm Tuesday to Friday. Open from 11am on the weekend.

Love MLP

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The 104, Le Centquatre – 104 Rue d’Aubervilliers, Paris 75019