Fancy a few days out of the city? Here is a great hideaway tip from one of our Super Mama’s. x

A get-away from Paris by  [wb_fb_f name=”Claudia Westh Lonning” id=””]

We moved to Paris from Denmark, at the beginning of the year. As you would expect there is just so much to see in this wonderful city, but when we received a tip about Moulins de Vontes, a hidden beauty spot just outside the city of lights, it wasn’t long before we booked a trip. We went in May during the holidays.

Moulins de Vontes is an old watermill now used for bed & breakfast. Located on the River Indre, in the Loire Valley it is approx 2.5 hours by car from Paris.

Moulin de Vontes

We were welcomed by our host couple, Odile and Jean Jacques (presented as “J.J.”), who took us to our room, “The Lieutenant’s room”. It was very light, nice, comfortable and with a wonderful view of both sides of the river. As history-fanatic parents and war & weapon-fanatic kids, we were happy to see several pictures of great French battles as part of the room’s decoration – and later on to see J.J.’s impressive collection of swords and lances.

We were invited for afternoon tea and knowing that we would bring the children, J.J. prepared homemade Madeleines, …delicious! Tea was served on the terrace facing the river and we felt truly happy.

Moulin de VontesIt is obvious that our hosts have put a lot of thought into this place. Everything is decorated and furnished very tastefully and they don’t compromise on quality. Next morning’s delightful breakfast included among other things homemade jam and yoghurt, and they prioritise organic products. There is such a nice atmosphere here, which makes you feel very relaxed and welcome.

The surroundings are outstanding. Being an old watermill, it is placed in the middle of the river – keep an eye on your children (sic!) – and you can still see the old mill devices and sluices. In terms of exploring the area, you can choose between a small bridge or a narrow stone path, which leads you – when the water level is low – to grass meadows where the owners keep sheep. Another way to get around is to rent one of their rowing boats and take a trip down the river. We stayed for two nights, enjoyed the surroundings and took the opportunity to visit the Loire Valley area.

Apart from the place itself, we can highly recommend Tours, which has a charming old city centre. Rumour has it that Parisians go to Tours to shop! Chenonceaux Castle, which is built as a bridge over a river, is also worth a pit stop. It is beautiful and has an amazing history: among other things the Resistance Movement smuggled people through the castle and into the free zone, as the castle is placed on the demarcation line.

The children loved this trip; it gave them a chance to enjoy a very different setting, rural, picturesque and tranquil and only a short drive from our urban life.

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Thanks so much Claudia. Love MLP x