Ooh la la! The stick insect size of Parisian women, is a constant subject of debate amongst our friends and we all have very different opinions. One point of view, that MLP considers to be a contributing factor, is the obsessive love of Sushi amongst French women.

Of course, the French are known for their love of cooking and great food, but if a Parisian woman is out shopping and wants to stop for a quick snack, these carb minimising, protein high, bite size chunks of Japanese cuisine will do the guilt-free trick. The allure of eastern food and the appeal of a slim Japanese physique has got them hooked!

Unfortunately most of the Sushi restaurants in Paris are pretty appalling, so you have to keep your ear to the ground for news of the best places to go and make those places, your regular haunts.

One such place that is new to the scene is Blueberry, a cool, chilled and modern sushi-chic restaurant in the 6eme. Set back on a cobbled little rue off Rue de Renne – this little hideaway is extremely popular with the French.


We went there for the first time quite recently and loved the vibe. It was relaxed, the staff were warm and charming. We took a seat at the sushi-bar and watched the chefs displaying outstanding creative skills!

DSC01813 DSC01818 DSC01824DSC01828

The food looked amazing and tasted fantastic. They presented each dish with a contemporary design and flavour that gave traditional sushi a twist.

The price was affordable, the wine choice was delicious and we liked  the decor too!


If you fancy sushi in Paris – make this place a must, but make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

We will definitely be going back.


Blueberry – 6 Rue du Sabot, 75006 Paris,