Courtauld Exhibition launches in Paris

The Fondation Louis Vuitton has made a huge contribution to the Paris art scene since it opened in 2014. Their latest blockbuster show, the Courtauld Collection, opened today and our writer Jennifer Hamerman was there!

Courtauld Collection

Manet’s ‘A Bar at the Folies Bergeres’

The Fondation Louis Vuitton prides itself on honouring the contribution made to the world of art by passionate individuals who collect art. For their latest exhibition, they focus on the collection of Samuel Courtauld. The Courtauld Collection includes iconic works such as Manet’s A Bar at the Folies Beregeres, Cezanne’s Card Players and Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear. So we were pretty excited to go. As was most of Paris, judging by the lines snaking out of the entrance. For that reason, we advise you to buy your tickets in advance.

A visit to the magnificent building that houses the Fondation Louis Vuitton is always a treat. And even more so with the beautiful, clear blue skies of today and the views from the buildings terraces across the Jardin d’Acclimatation and beyond.

Van Gogh’s Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Walking around the exhibition felt like the best kind of Greatest Hits show. Renoir, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh and Gaugin. They just kept coming. Instantly recognisable masterpiece after instantly recognisable masterpiece. We lingered longest at Renoir’s La Loge, the couple at the theatre, where the woman faces the viewer and the man looks away through his opera glasses. The Georges Seurat paintings held our attention, as did Cezanne’s La Montagne Sainte-Victoire au Grand Pin and Van Gogh’s Wheat Field.  The whole show felt like an indulgent treat.  It just didn’t seem possible that all these favourites were here together in this building, on this spectacular day.

We won’t tell you this exhibition has been curated especially with children and families in mind. In many ways it is a straightforward exhibition of an astonishing collection. So if you are going with younger children, you’ll need to be prepared to chat them through it and maybe not linger that long. There is the excellent bribe of the Jardin d’Acclimatation right outside the door, so that should buy you a little time.

Don’t forget that the Fondation Louis Vuitton is great at providing family workshops connected to their exhibitions. The Vice Versa Workshop for Families with children aged 6-10 looks like a great way to help kids access the exhibition in a fun way.

The Courtauld Collection runs from 20 February 2019 to 17 June 2019.

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Fondation Louis Vuitton, 8, Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, Bois de Boulogne, 75116, Paris.