No Buttes About It!

Photos by Ami B Cadugan

Paris is a city where walking equates to a constant journey of discovery. So many little Rues to explore, hidden passages to uncover and glimmers of inspiration and creativity around every corner. It is one of the beautiful aspects of this city and every district in town can reveal something new with each promenade. In an animated conversation with one of our contributors this week such an encounter was revealed. Here’s her photo story.

While meandering through China Town (household bargains galore!), NY Mama Ami Cadugan literally stumbled into the charming “village within a city” of the Buttes Aux Cailles. This Montmartre-like neighbourhood, in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris, boasts quaint cobblestone streets, artists workshops (ateliers) and cafés galore.  Street Art lovers will rejoice!

Atelier on the Rue des Cinq Diamants ©Ami B Cadugan

At every nook and cranny, the walls (Les Murs – the walls) are graced with works from MissTic, Seth, Bebar and more.

Enjoy the photos!

Buttes Aux Cailles

Seth takes over Rue Alphand @seth_globepainter ©Ami B Cadugan

Buttes Aux Cailles

Coming in for a landing on Passage Barrault’ ©Ami B Cadugan

Buttes Aux Cailles

Stunning stretch of beauty and art ©Ami B Cadugan

Buttes Aux Cailles

Alien invasion! Rue de la Butte Aux Cailles’ ©Ami B Cadugan

Artistic garbage in the Buttes Aux Cailles’ © Ami B Cadugan

Bikes & Street Art- doesn’t get more Parisian than this!’ ©Ami B Cadugan

‘Intersection of Rue des Cinq Diamants et Rue de la Butte Aux Cailles ©Ami B Cadugan

‘Blue Meanie from Bebar on the Rue de la Butte Aux Cailles ©Ami B Cadugan

Rue De L’Espérance – Cobblestones & Street Art = a marriage made in heaven!’ © Ami B Cadugan

Orange you glad you stumbled down Passage Barrault?’ ©Ami B Cadugan

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall prevent me from getting my mail. But the lock may! © Ami B Cadugan

To find this hidden quarter of Paris, your best bet is to take Metro Ligne 6 to Corvisart. Bus ligne 62 and 57 also stop nearby at Bobillot-Tolbiac.  Happy exploring!

Discover the city and enjoy the beauty of what Paris has to offer.

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