Turn your kids into Graffiti Artists for a day

What a fun family day out we had last weekend. Thanks to the fantastic team at Street Art Paris, we got the opportunity to become graffiti artists.

Having admired the urban art in the city for the last few years, it felt like such an honour to join the ranks of the Paris street art collective, even if it was just for a moment.

The kids were stoked when we told them and didn’t blink an eye, when we explained they had to be up bright and early on a Sunday morning. The plan was, to meet in Bercy at 10am prompt – further instructions would be revealed on arrival.

Supping coffees at the café next to Bercy metro, we waited alongside a bunch of other budding artists, ready to take out first tentative steps into the ‘not so under’, underground scene in the city of light.

We walked for ten minutes or so with Kader our ‘teacher’, en route to the Skate Park at Bercy where kids flew fearlessly off the slopes with their bikes, scooters and rollerblades. The surrounding walls were adorned with graffiti and the canvas that we would soon redesign with our own creative ideas, loomed before us.

street art

Kader explained our brief in French! Then, adorably shared his French-English twang to make sure the anglophones understood what the heck was about to happen!

street art paris

They handed out paper and pencils and we were instructed to create a design  based on a film theme. We could essentially create anything we wanted. Once our design was completed, our assignment was to project that image onto the wall.

street art paris

They had a tonne of spray paints and facemasks and although low on gloves, kindly offered their own to the kids!

street art paris

The 20 or so crew of children and adults representing many far-flung destinations as well as France, got to work! Scribbling feverishly for a good 15 minutes, we eagerly awaited approval from the team that ‘knew’, what good graffiti potential looked like!

After being given the green light we were good to go.

street art paris

As the design began to take shape, the team guided us with their insight, suggesting colours, adding depth to the lettering, explaining how to build background colour and add an overlay. We were hanging on every word as we tried to re-create our pencilled drawing, into something cool and dynamic on the wall.

street art paris

Looking down the line and watching the artistic prowess of our counterparts coming to life, was jaw dropping! What a bunch of talented people! It was inspiring.

street art paris

The children ranging from around 7 to about 16 were ensconced! Once they started they just couldn’t stop  – they had total free reign and all of them were in their element! Totally absorbed by it but perfectly guided and supported.

street art paris

Stepping back to take in the sum of all of our efforts, over this two-hour session, felt good. We were part of the fabric of the city – our signature designs were alive with colour, urbanised and displayed IN PARIS! Wow!


street art Paris

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Mamas! Papas! MLP highly recommends this workshop for families, for kids, for anyone who loves art and wants to try something different.

It was a fantastic and memorable family moment and MLP loves the popcorn box that my boys created! The pictures tell the whole story.

The workshops take place on the first Sunday of every month at 10am but they can also arrange private workshops for families every day of the year. Suitable for kids from the age of 6, we’re told.

The public workshops are €35/person and the price for private workshops depends on how many participants they have. The workshops are 2 – 3 hours long, the instructors speak English and they can welcome about 25 people per workshop.The dates  for the next public workshops are scheduled for October 2 and  November 6.

To experience street art in Paris, contact the team at info@streetartparis.fr or call them on  +33 9 50 75 19 92

If you enjoyed this post read the Street Art Graffiti tour that MLP reviewed recently, it also gives you more insight into the ethos behind the team and how they really want to embrace families and kids. Also check out the 30 great things to do in September for a few more ideas for the month ahead! Read about Heritage Day too.

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Contact: Street Art Paris.