Every first Sunday of every month, you and your offspring can go to almost any museum in Paris for free! Since 2000, this initiative has helped encourage more people to absorb the culturally rich-pickings of the Paris Art World.

So take advantage, head off to that exhibition you have always wanted to see or that exhibition space you have been desperate to explore. Make sure you go early to avoid disappointment! Planning is key! Be an early riser and head out with the intention of being at the front of what will be a very long queue. Then enjoy an amazing cultural experience euro free!

Be aware that some Museums like the Grand Palais allow you to see the permanent installations but still charge for the temporary ones – so have that in the back of your mind!

There are some really good expositions on at the moment and many places that are worth a visit.

For an outstanding African-American history lesson we’ve heard the Colour Lines exposition at the Quai Branley Museum is very good  It is a great space with a wonderful root top garden,if you haven’t been! Or, if you have yet to see the view of the Champs Elysée, from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, then Sunday would be the day to do it. You’ll be saving yourself €9.50 per adult! Pourquoi Pas! Alternatively, the Pantheon could be an option. The final resting place of at least 70 super famous French people like Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Emile Zola – is a magnificent building.


If none of the above suits, then perhaps the Pompidou Centre ‘floats your boat’? Always a winner with our family, it’s a great space for kids and always plays host to  thought-provoking art installations like the  Magritte one that is on at the moment. Also, it’s good to know that the Pompi (affectionate term used by the French) supplies little wheelie chairs for the children in case they get tired of walking around! We love this! Ha! They’re making sure nothing stands in the way of you enjoying the show!

If you haven’t had the chance to see the beautiful stain glass windows  Sainte Chappelle then this coming weekend could be the perfect opportunity or the Louvre? Maybe Rodin? MLP is planning to take the kids to the Musée des Arts et Métiers, it’s always been on the MLP hit list but we haven’t quite made it there for one reason or another, but this Sunday, it’s gonna happen!

If you want to know which museums are involved in this brilliant free Sunday entry  initiative, then check out our handy list of free museums.

Wherever you go, it’s gotta be done the first Sunday of the Month

Have fun at museums for FREE in Paris. GRATUIT! NO MONAI! ZILCH!


Love MLP xx

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