Paris crosses the finish line

It was, of course, a foregone but thrilling conclusion long before the official presentations, voting and announcement took place in Lima today. But we are still super excited that Paris will host the Olympics in 2024. Part of our excitement is emotional. Paris and France have had a hard time in recent years and have been in the news for the wrong reasons – the tragedy of terrorist attacks or the fear of a Le Pen presidency. But Paris has bounced back well, with tourist figures back up and they also deserved a lucky break to match their own efforts.

The London effect

Two of our MLP team are British and we remember very proudly how London rose to the occasion had gave the world a wonderful Olympics. We know Paris will do the same. The Olympics were such a shot in the arm for London and we can’t wait to see the same effect in Paris.

The Paris commitment to global challenges

It is already so encouraging that Paris is saying the city will use the Olympics to highlight global issues such as protecting the environment. The Paris presentation to the Olympic Committee focused on how the city would use the Olympics to improve lives across France and the world. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is also promising “cost efficient and sustainable games”, perhaps mindful that anything overly extravagant will not play well in France or beyond.

The anti-Olympics protest wash-out

Only 75 people turned up to an anti-Olympics protest in Paris today. To be fair, it was pouring with rain, but still it was a low turn-out. Those who oppose the Olympics coming to Paris generally do so on the grounds of cost. But it sounds as though their concerns have been heard and that the organisers will be mindful of avoiding excess expense.

So we are raising a glass to Paris tonight and cannot wait for it all to unfold, from the opening ceremony to the summer sports fest.

Bravo Paris!

Love MLP