Baddass style for your home

If you want a memorable collectable or a unique souvenir from Paris by a high-end artist, then you might want to check this place out. It has the perfect accompaniments for a ‘tea party!’

The owner is as quite as a dormouse but a big voice in the Parisian ceramics and antique world, with an eye for super cool creations that have just got to be seen. MLP stumbled into her wonderland whilst filming Rue Bourbon Le Chateau for Paris Street of the Week!

After spotting her ‘Ladies with Attitiude‘ antique style mug MLP realised that in ceramic terms, we had come home! Your mother-in-law might not appreciate these cups with bold statements but drinking out of them will give you endless satisfaction.

Here is our interview with Antique dealer Carol Borraz in her shop, Galerie Salon.

Thank you to Super Mamas Ami and Annette for helping create this footage so MLP could deliver it to all of you.

…and merci Carole for agreeing to be inteviewed just five minutes after meeting us.

Love MLP

Galerie Salon – 4 Rue de Bourbon le Chateau, Paris

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