Open-Air Art Installation wows Paris

If you walk through Le Village Royal right now, you’ll be in for a colourful treat. The well-known passage, famous for its designer shops and expensive boutiques, has been taken over by a stunning art installation known as the Umbrella Sky Project.

On until April 30th, the installation displays hundreds of brightly coloured open umbrellas, suspended in the air above the narrow walkway; creating an impactful vibrant burst of vivid shades. 

The Umbrella Sky Project

Les parapluies, appear to float in the air, allowing the cleverly designed project to deliver the wow factor that its creators clearly intended.

The team behind this project have art installations like this,  many times before. In fact, this Umbrella Sky Project was first shown in Portugal back in 2012. There have also been other objects used in other parts of France over the years like windmills and balloons, all with similar effect.

The idea is to add colour to peoples lives, according to  Sextafeira Produções, the creative agency behind the project. Their intention?  To bring colour to the grey places and spaces in the city and ultimately to make people smile. A worthy objective that has most certainly creatively delivered.

Go to the 8th district and experience it for yourself, but if you can’t get there MLP has taken the walk under the umbrella sky for you. We hope you enjoy it.

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Love MLP