The new urban Garden in Paris

Paris is about to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, by giving the city a new green space of epic proportions. A staggering 14,000m2 expanse of fresh produce will fill the roof of a brand new building, currently under construction; and will be the largest urban farm in the world!

“a global model for responsible production”,

The new bâtimént is located at Porte de Versailles and when complete, will contain an Exhibition Center, two new hotels plus a hall – and the city has given the project permission to top it off with the visionary idea of an urban farm.

According to Le Parisien, two major city firms, Agripolis and Culture en Ville are responsible for spearheading the initiative. Describing it as a ‘vegetable farm’, they are determined to make it “a global model for responsible production”, like organic and lunar cycle farming.

The farm will also feed the inhabitants of the south of Paris and neighbouring communities”

Thousands of fruits and vegetables are expected to be planted here and at least 30 species, will be lovingly nurtured by full-time urban gardeners.  The farmed produce will be used by the restaurants housed within the building,  including Le Perchoir – a hip rooftop restaurant located in the 11th district which will also have space in this new construction.

Porte de Versailles (XVe) Viparis / Guillaume Maucuit

Pascal Hardy of Agripolis goes on to say “The farm will also feed the inhabitants of the south of Paris and neighbouring communities, directly or through distribution, collective restorations and hotels”

Paris city dwellers will be encouraged to get involved with the initiative as residents will be able to rent plots, in order to grow their own vegetable gardens. As a city known for its high-rise apartments and scarce private green space, this will no doubt excite the local community.

A study by MIT’s Sensible City Lab published in January 2017,  found Paris to be the least green city among 10 major cities studied. This and several other urban farming initiatives across the city will hopefully change that result in the future.

Paris is pulling out all the stops with the impending Olympic Games 4 years away. The city is blooming with creative ideas to make it even more attractive and appealing. With the focus on agricultural development, this exciting project fits perfectly with the city’s’ agenda.

Parc des Expositions will open in the Spring of 2020 in the 15th arrondissement.

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