Each tip is super brief with a link for all the details. We got July for kids covered!

The summer holidays have officially begun and the reality of  managing the needs of  your offspring for the next 8/9 weeks is sinking in. It’s challenging at the best of times but the vacance brings new hurdles! Full on exhaustion,  a desperate need for ideas & inspiration, the motivation to get out of the house so the kids can get rid of that excess energy. Followed by a sudden increased urge to buy wine, in bulk hoping it will aid a well deserved good nights sleep! It’s not easy, no matter how much we adore the little bears. Their endless enthusiasm and desire for entertainment can catch you off guard if you’re not a super organised planner or certified children’s entertainer! And with the best will in the world it comes easier to some but not to all parents.

MLP feels your pain and pleasure! Catering for kids from zero to teenage hero, here are some hot recommendations from MLP for July to help you out during your summer in Paris. Oh and Mamas please share these tips with your friends and tell them about Mama Loves Paris if you think they will find the blog useful.

1. Boat Rides inside Palais du Tokyo

Ok! So we just wrote about this. An easy win if you can get to the heart of the city. The River Seine is a stones throw from Palais du Tokyo so if you don’t fancy eating at the venue after your expedition then make sandwiches,  walk to the river, eat and enjoy. Suitable for 6 and over. Continue reading here for the full story…

2. Le Second Square

Kids summer in paris

Loads of free fun for kids at Carreau du Temple an enormous venue in the Marais district. Games, sports, giant colouring books!! All here for your enjoyment. Open from 11am – 7pm everyday (except July 14) until July 18. For kids of all ages.

3. La Plage

Costa del Paris I presume! The beach is coming on July 20, perfect morning or late afternoon family jaunt. Grab buckets, spades, suncream, sun-hats, the parasol and picnic blanket and you’re off. Hours of fun playing in the sand. Perfect. Any age. Details in our July in Paris post.

4. Berge Street

Berge StreetSo, MLP just wrote about this beautiful space in The Guardian newspaper in the UK. The reason? Because it is the most brilliant playground for kids and grown ups right on the River. Perfect spot for all children. Read the article it has all the details. Kids of all ages.

5. The 104.

This humongous space in the 19th is a stunning creative haven for artists. Open 6 days a week and free toCentquatre all to wander, so makes the perfect family chill out spot. There is always some form of entertainment going on here even if it’s just the dancers/jugglers/gymnasts practicing for their performances! They also have a special section for mums with babies/toddlers (small fee here) plus the Pizza van out the back provides excellent sustenance. Great place to hang out. They have lots of paid for events there too. Suitable for kids of all ages. http://www.104.fr/english/

6. Fete Foraine

The fairground, the big wheel, baba papa (candy floss)! The whole spirit of summer in Paris comes into its own at the Tuliieries. The rides are loved by the kids, the backdrop is stunning – what’s not to love! Worth a jaunt! Suitable for 4 and upwards. Further details on out what to do in July post.

7. Parc Villette

Le nouveau dragon de la Villette conçu par Ursula Kurz © Bruno Delamain VIL_So much is happening in this space. The giant dragon slide that every child loves has been renovated, so its ready for action. There’s Jazz music playing throughout the summer and there’s an open air movie moment for kids too, with the screening of the Japanese film ‘Castle in the Sky’ on July 23. Plus there is a circus on and a super cool space for teenagers and special music events, designed just for them, mostly for free. This park is just the perfect place to have fun by the river. Suitable for kids of all ages. http://lavillette.com/

8. Paris Piscines

There are local pools all over the city but a couple really stand out for kids. Well three do! Aqua Boulevard, Josephine Baker Piscine (which is open air), and the Aquatic Centre at Neuilly sur Seine – all of them a winner with the children.

9. Jardin d’Acclimation

A fun theme park in Paris that includes train rides, a boating experience, lots of rides and the chance to win lots of prizes at multiple kiosks.  Currently the park is playing host to an installation called the The Cow Parade. 35 painted cows are on display and there is a digital treasure hunt for kids enabling them to interact with the art work. MLP recommends taking your own food but there are a few cafes. Perfect day out option for the family. http://www.jardindacclimatation.fr/

10. Face au Mur

17 Awesome Paris Graffiti PicturesPerfect for kids because there is so much space to run around. Plus the creativity is inspiring if you have any budding artists amongst the offspring. You can hang out there for as long as you want for €3, kids are free. Lots of Pizza places across the street. Any age! Continue here for the full story…

11. Le Muséé des Art Forains

This special museum in Bercy is packed with a collection depicting the history of Fun Fairs. It’s a very special place that can only be explored as part of a tour but it is also extremely interactive. The children get to play games from the 1800’s and ride the carousels. The tours are in English and are available until August 31 on Mondays and Thursdays at 11am. The tour is about 90 minutes long and lots of fun. http://www.arts-forains.com/

12. The Movies

Kids Summer in Paris There are some fun films on at the cinema that the kids will enjoy. The Minions from Despicable Me is now on general release and the Ant Man film is out too. Plus for smaller children 3-10 years old, Peter and the Wolf is being shown at the Théatre de la Clarté in Boulogne Billancourt.

13. Velo Velib

VelibP’tit Velib’ is a special service designed to help children learn to ride bikes in a safe environment. It offers families of 4 the chance to select from a range of bikes, designed for 4-8 year olds in a number of parks throughout the city. They give you helmets too. The cost is minimal just a couple of euros for a couple of hours. Great opportunity to teach your kids to ride bikes safely. http://blog.velib.paris.fr/ptit-velib/

14. Hip Hop Exhibition

Block Party IMA PARISCurrently on display at the Institute du Arabe Monde is the complete history of Hip Hop, the music, the fashion and the art. Open until the end of July this exhibition may appeal to the older kids. It’s had great reviews and is a contemporary showcase. Plus there is a Block Party from 5pm in the afternoon of July 26. Suitable for teenagershttp://www.imarabe.org/



15. Jardin du Luxembourg

The most fun playground in the heart of Paris is always a winner. It is such a great space with so many brilliant and fun activities for kids. It’s absolutely huge and designed for children of all ages. Hours can be lost for the children, while you keep a watchful eye sitting on the many benches provided. There is also the pretty pond where the little people can rent a toy boat to sail across its waters, plus carousels, go karting and donkey rides too. Guaranteed fun and an easy day out in a beautiful green space in Paris. Suitable for all ages. 6th Arrondissement, Paris.

16. The outdoor Libraries

Great Parisian initiative. For two months of the year, the libraries take there books and picnic blankets to local parks and invite children and their families to engage in an al fresco reading experience. Encouraging families to read together it runs until the end of August. You can download the PDF to find out which library near you is getting involved.

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Bon vacance

Love MLP