What’s Hot in July?

So much is happening that MLP will have to deliver this information to you over a few posts. Today  MLP gives you the rundown of  some of the biggest events this month so you don’t miss out. 

Bastille Day

Bastille DayJuly 14 is going to witness a mass celebration in Paris. Flags will be flying everywhere! The French will be in full on party mode, celebrating the end of an era across the city and at major sites in Paris; like the Champs Elysée, Trocodero and the Champs de Mars. Full listings of the events such as the military parade and  fireworks, can be found on this Paris Website, so you can plan what you want to see. For more background info check out our post from last year. Continue here…

Paris Hip Hop

Paris in JulyAn Italian Mama told MLP that she took her kids to see this fabulous Graffiti installation in the 12th Arrondissement. Under 10 years old and they couldn’t get enough of it apparently. It’s an enormous art space and part of the current Paris Hip Hop festival that runs until July 6, but the Graffiti show will be displayed until July 30. Only €3 and young kids go free. Great tip Mama B, Merci!. Face au Mur – 71 Boulevard Diderot. 2pm – 7pm everyday. Plus FREE video art atelier on Saturday from 3pm – 6pm.

Show Jumping at the Eiffel Tower

Is there anything that cannot be showcased at the Eiffel Tower? Horse riding? Sponsored by Gucci? Who knew? Well if you’re a horse lover then this is perfect for you. You and the family can cantor towards the Iron Lady and see the 40 best riders in the world. There will be competitions, exhibitions and the aroma of Eau de Manure over three days. Sounds grand! All details on the Paris Eiffel Jumping page. July 3 – July 5.

The Paris Beach

Now we’re talking! Very excited to announce the return of the Paris beach. Loving the fact that Paris just hauls 5,000 tonnes of sand, buys in some deck chairs and parasols and turns the banks of the River Seine into Les Plages à Paris! It all kicks off July 20 lasting a month. The beaches will be at Bassin de la Villette and La Voie Georges Pompidou.

Cinema au Clair du Lune

Outdoor cinema in Paris? Movies under the stars? At no cost to you at all. Oui, c’est gratuit! Sounds like the perfect night out!   There are 11 screenings in total situated at various spots across the city. Films from 1939 to 2007.  Including Funny Face, Frantic et La Ve en Rose. The details are on the site Forum des Images. From July 24 until August 9.

L’été du Canal

This is a very cool part of town so worth a jaunt if you haven’t been up here already! Over a 6 week period there will be so many activities for you and your family. It starts this weekend with a Summer Party on the Ourcq and the Saint Denis Canal. There’ll be cruises, workshops, walks and expos.  A Leisure Port Inauguration which includes weekend shows until the end of the month, features games, street art, music and it’s FREE! The River Shuttle to get there costs just €1 apparently!

Hydroplane Barge

Plus, you can experience Cyclo Cruises by boarding a boat with your bikes and be taken to some canal bike paths. FREE family tours are offered on the Hydroplane barge! (See pic! We didn’t know what it was either!) And a FREE cruise can be  nabbed, that will give you the inside scoop on all the street art, compered by actual Graffiti artists. All this from July 4 until August 23. The Seine-Saint-Denis website has all the info and you can book online there too. It’s in French so you might want to use Google translate.

Ooh la la! There is so much going on!

Coming next – Lots of kids stuff, In depth reviews, another Street of the Week, Opinion pieces and more…

Stay safe in the heat wave and enjoy Paris in July.

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