Hot new find in the heart of Paris

MLP just loves discovering new places to go in Paris or at least experience; and when it comes to food and shopping the eyes are popping, the palms starts sweating and whatever else there is in the vicinity, just pales into insignificance.

The other day, whilst taking a wander through the 11th arrondissement – this divine moment happened! A shopfront that looked both appealing, modern and sophisticated stood out to me. MLP’s nose pressed firmly against the window. Perched along wooden tables or chilling in stylish red leather armchairs sat a bunch of lucky ‘discoverees’ supping coffee and munching delicious food, they looked cool, the setting looked beautiful and MLP needed to know more.


WorriedDSC09616 that my ‘window-licking‘ would create cause for concern, I decided to swiftly head inside to check out this new haunt and boy, I was NOT disappointed!

This new find was not was not merely a cool and funky italian/french inspired eaterie, it was actually a store as well!  Immediately, the idea of sitting and having a coffee or light brunch was relegated in favour of the need to explore this store of gorgeousness, that rocked original and stunning decor as well as products you never knew you needed.


In short (as you know MLP isn’t so good at being brief but will make every effort!), this haven is a combination of an adorable family friendly restaurant space and a shop full of careful selected items for the home. Curated by an Italian couple who gave up their independent careers to form Borgo Delli Tovagalie. Both clearly super creative and family orientated they have brought their love for contemporary cool interiors and mixed it with their heritage, to create an experience that leaves you whooping with delight at every item displayed for purchase. Kids stuff, homeware, stationary, bathroom products and more!  A complete feast of goodies. Imagine

if Habitat and an ingenious funky Italian restauranteur/credible artist, had an affair. This would be their love child!

The pictures say it all!

DSC09604 DSC09601 DSC09600 DSC09598 DSC09597 DSC09596 DSC09595 DSC09592 DSC09589 DSC09588 DSC09585 DSC09584 DSC09582 DSC09581 DSC09576 DSC09566 DSC09563 DSC09560 DSC09558 DSC09556 DSC09555 DSC09551 DSC09550 DSC09549 DSC09547 DSC09546 DSC09545


Loved it! So great to just stumble upon it as well. Staff were so lovely too. Proving that it’s always worth taking a wander around Paris, you never know what you might find! This place has probably been open just over a year and the district it’s located in  – the 11th – has so much more for you to discover.

Happy shopping, Check out their website to find out more.

Love MLP

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Borgo Delli Tovagalie – 4 Rue du Grand Prieuré, 75011, Paris, France