You Say You Want A Revolution

By Valerie Cadugan & Vanessa Mautone

Valerie and Vanessa are 12-year-old “besties” who attend an International school in Paris. Valerie also happens to be the daughter of MLP contributor, Ami Cadugan. The girls haven’t studied the French Revolution but this tour provided some good “inside information” to share with their friends. Read what Valerie and Vanessa had to say about it…over to you girls!

Your Paris Muse French Revolution Murder Mystery Tour  first begins at the beautiful Palais Royal, where you get introduced to your guide, then you get blasted into the past to become a detective. Your job? Solving an 18th-century murder mystery.

For us, “tour”, is an understatement because this interactive experience was fun for everybody. Luckily, we got paired with an extremely friendly guide called Lauren, who wrapped up the harsh facts of the French Revolution in a pretty bow of adventure, laughter and fun.

 “if we could better understand French history and have a little fun doing it, then why not?”

We found that certain aspects of the tour seemed strikingly realistic, not only because we got to visit almost every place mentioned in the story, but because the murder of Le Peletier actually happened! But don’t go checking our facts just yet or you may just spoil the answer to the mysterious quest. As far as quests go, we were presented with seven suspects, all capable of killing Le Peletier. This made us feel like we were playing a huge, historical game of “Clue”.


Murder Mystery Tour


We were taught about the battle between Danton and Robespierre at the height of the revolution and how Robespierre had infamously adopted the use of the guillotine to kill thousands of people in what is now known as the ‘Reing of Terror’. He even used it to kill King Louis with the help of Le Peletier. Robespierre also ensured Danton was eventually sentenced to death by guillotine too.! The plot thickened, as we discovered more and more history.

murder mystery tour

Who murdered Michel LePeletier?

The tour was both educational and entertaining and we would take another one of Paris Muse’s tours in a heartbeat. Because it was cold outside, our tour guide made some time for a hot chocolate break in between monuments; and we were grateful that we had our scarves, hats and mittens – make sure you wrap up warm if you take the tour on a chilly day!

If you think you’ll need a “break” along the way, we would advise you to ask your guide in advance, especially if you are taking the tour with young ones but to be honest this magical mystery tour is best for older kids – 12 and upwards as the content is quite mature and the nature of the story is quite violent!

Overall, we found this tour to be ‘revolutionary’ and really great. Especially as students, we found that if we could better understand French history and have a little fun doing it, then why not? But now, the mystery of it all lies in your hands, and it’s for you to decide “who dunnit?”…

Many thanks to Paris Muse (Lauren  truly brought the history to life, in a way that even teenagers could appreciate); Mama Loves Paris and you, our readers.

If you’re interested in booking this tour (or one of many others, including the popular Paris Muse Clues: Louvre Family Tour  – an educational hide ‘n seek through The Louvre or a “discovery”  walking tour of Paris to help acclimatise to your new home check out the Paris Muse Website.

Thankyou Valerie and Vanessa for telling us about the tour -sounds like lots of fun and it was duly noted that you didn’t give too much away- maintaining the mystery!! Merci!

Love MLP